The Incredible Eye

As you probably know or would have guessed by now, I’ve got a keen interest in photography. I’m a bit geeky about it, in that I am intrigued by the science and technology of it. I’m the kind of person that will look through all the settings and menus in a camera and read the manual before I even take a shot.

Yes you read right, I read the manual!  I can talk about the tech-spec of a camera for ever, it’s just something I do; it’s just me.

However, there’s an imaging device that amazes me more than any camera though…

The eye is simply amazing.  It’s something that most of us take for granted.  Many people are born blind and others have become blind, it saddens me when I think about how much these people are missing out and in a way makes me appreciate my eyes even more.

I’m astonished at the level of complexity of the eye and its inner workings.  We can see so much detail, colour, shades, we can see in the dark as well as bright light; we can see the birds and clouds on a really bright sunny day as well as stars over 2.5 million light years away at night.  Using our eyes we can calculate distance, we communicate and show emotion.

I’ve always wanted to write an article on theme of ‘eye vs camera’, but I’ve found that someone has already beat me to it:

‘The difference between your eyes and the camera’


About Nas

Hello there, I work in eLearning in HE and have a background in IT and multimedia. I'm into photography and gadgets.
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One Response to The Incredible Eye

  1. Marios says:

    Wonderful. I agree about taking eyes for granted, it’s as if Mother Nature wanted to put a couple of little miracles in our head to top it all off…

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