Humble Beginnings

Do you remember when it started?  Your love of photography that is.

Like most kids I loved being involved in photos, and it originally I supposed it was posing!  However, at point, I can’t remember quite when but I was in primary school, I began developing an interest in actually taking photos.  I remember collecting ring-pulls from a certain brand of fizzy pop and exchanging so many for a free small plastic camera with a small plastic pop up view-finder (basically a square that you pulled up and folded back down).

Anyway, I used to carry this thing around with me everywhere, literally everywhere.  I used to walk to school (yes walk, we all walked back then) and stop every time I saw something interesting and think about whether it was worth spending the photo on.  I say spending, because although the camera was free the film wasn’t, I used to get about 50p a week pocket money so wasting photos on random shots.  Unfortunately I don’t have any of those old photos anymore.

I went a while afterwards borrowing my brothers 35mm compact camera whenever I needed, but then went out and bought a Advance Photos System (APS) camera which gave you the option of taking photos in a number of formats.  I can’t really remember what happened to that camera.

Whilst I was at uni I borrowed my departments 35mm SLR for a couple of projects and this was my first real go at what some would call ‘proper’ photography.  It was still film and I was experimenting, I remember wasting a lot of film, but we got it fairly cheaply from somewhere around campus.

I had a couple of phones with built in cameras which were great, but I got my next proper camera when I got my first job.  It was a bridge camera, basically something a step up from compact but not quite an SLR.  You had access to advance settings like shutter speed, aperture and manual focus, but instead of interchangeable lenses you had a fairly adequate zoom lens.  I used this for a good year or so and felt the niggling urge to get an SLR.

After much research I splashed out £15 on a Chinon SLR with three lenses from an auction site.  I think I gave the Chinon about three months before I realised I couldn’t afford the long term cost of film and processing so I went out and got myself a Canon 350D and a couple of lenses.

About eight years and a few cameras after I’m still as happy and excited when I take photos as I was about 25 years ago, and I hope it will still feel the same in another 25 years.


About Nas

Hello there, I work in eLearning in HE and have a background in IT and multimedia. I'm into photography and gadgets.
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